GREEN DETOX body scrub: The Body Deli
  • GREEN DETOX body scrub: The Body Deli

GREEN DETOX body scrub: The Body Deli



Pumpkin + turmeric
Cinnamon + star anise
Ginger + nutmeg + clove

This body scrub is formulated with Super Greens, Sea Vegetables, and exotic Sea Salts, which make this detoxifying scrub a powerful therapeutic tool to help the body release toxins from the skin and lymphatic system. Powerful detoxifiers like Wheatgrass, Dandelion, and Kale help skin facilitate enhanced circulation and activate the body’s natural detoxification process.

Sea Salts help pull toxins from the skin. When using the detox scrub, pay special attention to the areas around the armpit and inner thigh to get maximum benefit from the detoxifying effects of the Sea Salts combined with the powerful super green botanicals.


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Used regularly, this scrub will help to alleviate dry, rough skin and impart a luxurious silky texture and vibrant glow.

  • Exotic ultra-fine sea salts
  • Nourishing plant butters
  • Helps heal dry and rough skin


Use in the shower or bath.

- Massage a small amount of scrub onto wet skin,
- focus scrub on arms, legs, back, shoulders and torso, avoiding sensitive areas,
- rinse off salt thoroughly after treatment.

Use scrub 2-3 times per week to achieve the best results.


*Shea Butter, *Cocoa Butter, *Virgin Coconut Oil, Rise Bran Oil, *Avocado Oil, *Jojoba Oil, Dead Sea Salts, Celtic Sea salts, Himalayan Salts, French Sea Salts, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Lecithin, *Thyme, *Rose-Hip Seed Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Barley Grass Juice, *Oat Grass Juice, *Wheat Grass Juice, *Dandelion Leaf Juice, *Kale Juice, *Spinach Juice, Spirulina, Kelp, Chlorella, Icelandic Kelp, *Comfrey, *Carrot Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil Extract, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Spearmint, *Lemon, *Sweet Orange, Ylang-Ylang, Chamomile.

(*Denotes Organically Grown Ingredients)

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