"KESSA" exfoliating glove: Savon Stories
  • "KESSA" exfoliating glove: Savon Stories

"KESSA" exfoliating glove: Savon Stories


Effortless skin revitaliser

Natural biodegradable fabric - Softens - Detoxifies - Revitalises

Used in hot bath/shower to slough off dead skin and pore clogging impurities, revealing softer, suppler skin and clearer complexion.

Best used with our Cold Process Moroccan Black Soap as an aid against a variety of ailments. Also used in pre or post tanning to erase errors.


- relieve troubled skin
- smooth & revitalise
- remove make-up
- stop itchiness
- prevent in-grown hair

Sourced in Morocco - Packed in France 


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Return possible (depending on condition)


General use: as a general scrub for washing.

With Black Soap, an effective accompaniment for Moroccan Black Soap:

- after applying Black Soap as directed, leave the soap on the skin for few minutes, then rinse off
- now, scrub whole body with glove for effortless peel and exfoliation,
- after rinsing dead skin off, the pores should be cleansed and more easily absorb your moisturizer,
- dry skin with towel and consider following immediately with your moisturizer.


Fabric from 100% biodegradable viscose, sourced from sustainable wood.


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