"ROSE & CUCUMBER" cleansing oil: Mono Oils
  • "ROSE & CUCUMBER" cleansing oil: Mono Oils
  • "ROSE & CUCUMBER" cleansing oil: Mono Oils

"ROSE & CUCUMBER" cleansing oil: Mono Oils



This gentle but powerful, complete cleansing oil for all skin types
is sure to become the most delicious first step of your nightly skin care ritual.

Deeply cleanses the pores, dissolving excess oil, and effectively removing impurities, environmental pollutants and makeup all in one go without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Incredibly soothing and balancing, detoxifying and moisturizing: this carefully formulated, potent cocktail of exquisite, nutrient rich botanical oils not only leaves the skin thoroughly clean, but also beautifully soft, deeply nourished, hydrated, and looking fresh and bright, with no greasy residue.

With the uplifting, natural scent of cucumber and rose, and a light silky texture, cleansing becomes a joyful pleasure!


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Formulated without essential oils, so perfect for even sensitive skin and for using around the delicate eye area.

Harnessing the powers of nature, each drop of this naturally, delicately scented, exquisite oil deeply penetrates the skin, delivering skin nourishing vitamins, minerals, and essential omega fatty acids, as well as powerful, natural antioxidants to:

- gently but effectively cleanse deep down, removing impurities and makeup,
- dissolve excess oil, restore balance and help prevent breakouts,
- strengthen skin’s natural barrier function,
- protect against free-radical / environmental damage and premature ageing,
- encourage skin cell regeneration, elasticity and firmness,
- deeply nourish, moisturise and soften the skin,
- improve skin tone and texture,
- prepare the skin for further nightly treatments.

The result: perfectly cleansed, soft, balanced and deeply nourished skin with a healthier and more radiant complexion.


Infused and amplified with the high vibrational energy of Clear Quartz.


- Gently massage a generous amount of oil into dry skin using small circular motions (continue to massage for a couple of minutes and enjoy if you have the time!),
- soak a face cloth in hand-hot water, wring out, then gently wipe away the oil in downward/outward motions,
- rinse the cloth and repeat (taking extra care if you have rosacea, broken capillaries or fragile skin).

For a deep cleanse: apply a steamy wet face cloth over the face, allowing the steam to penetrate the pores for a few seconds, then gently wipe away the oil as above.

Follow with mist/toner and then apply serum/oil to skin while it is still damp.


We recommend a skin patch test 24 hours before using.
For external use only.
Avoid direct contact with eyes.
Do not apply to broken skin.
Discontinue use if irritation develops.
Keep out of reach of children.


Store in cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
Once opened best used within 6 months.


(English) Rice Bran Oil*, Rose Blossom in Sweet Almond Oil*, Safflower Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Perilla Seed Oil*, Papaya Seed Oil*, Cucumber Seed Oil^, Castor Seed Oil*, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil

 Oryza sativa Bran Oil*, Carthamus tinctorius Seed Oil*, Cucurbita pepo Seed Oil*, Perilla ocymoides Seed Oil*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil*, Carica papaya Seed Oil*, Cucumis sativa Seed Oil^, Rosa damascena Flower Extract*, Ricinus communis Seed Oil*, Tocopherol

*Certified Organic ^Virgin

100% Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

Contains nut oil (Sweet Almond). Although this type of nut oil does not normally irritate people with nut allergies, we recommend consulting your doctor before purchasing if you have an allergy.

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