"OPAL" roller massage + Gua Sha: LILFOX Miami
  • "OPAL" roller massage + Gua Sha: LILFOX Miami
  • "OPAL" roller massage + Gua Sha: LILFOX Miami
  • "OPAL" roller massage + Gua Sha: LILFOX Miami
  • "OPAL" roller massage + Gua Sha: LILFOX Miami

"OPAL" massage roller + Gua Sha: LILFOX Miami



Massage roller + Gua Sha

Awaken your natural glow with the cooling, soothing power of our new beauty hardware. Facial tools of sustainably crafted opalite deliver increased circulation, pressure point activation, and cellular regeneration.

Use daily to achieve your freshest-face and give your botanicals a boost.


It promotes circulation for the glowiest skin of your dreams while releasing tension in facial muscles.

Cools on contact to help reduce the appearance of pores and puffiness.


It's an ancient beauty ritual known for its ability to breathe new life into the skin.

Used for centuries in China, this super effective treatment smooths away fine lines and visibly firms facial contours.


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SMOOTH with the Roller

The spirit-soothing facial massage. Lovely on bare skin, but it’s even more luxurious when you apply toning mist and beauty nectar and massage for five to ten minutes. Skin-calming and anti-inflammatory Smooth fine lines and wrinkles Visibly lift and refresh the complexion.

LIFT with the Gua Sha

The Gua Sha The noninvasive facelift. Lymphatic drainage for reduced puffiness Remove toxins and pollutants for clearer skin Stimulate blood flow for brighter skin The Heart Shaped tool is hand carved and specifically designed for contouring the face. When used around the eyes, it helps reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness.

DO: store in the fridge. Be gentle with your tools and treat with care.
DON'T: Place in the freezer. This will cause the tool to become brittle and crack. Store in the fridge in cotton pouch for extra cooling effects.

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