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"KIELE" Gardenia fragrance: Leahlani
  • "KIELE" Gardenia fragrance: Leahlani

"KIELE" Gardenia fragrance: Leahlani


KIELE: Gardenia fragrance

A moonlit bouquet of citrus-kissed florals

Kiele is a luminous floral fragrance that captures the essence of fresh gardenia at its most delicate, romantic and dreamy.

Warm tropical breezes, ripening citrus, ocean spray, the smell of damp earth, misty rain, bouquets of jasmine and ginger…

Kiele is the culmination of a dream over ten years in the making.

It all began with a conversation with an older Hawaiian aunty about how I’d been having a difficult time sleeping because of my anxiety.

Her advice? To gather fresh gardenia blossoms and place them at my bedside. She told me that their fragrance would calm my thoughts and give me a peaceful sleep. She was absolutely right!  I’ve kept a small vase of these freshly-cut gardenia on my nightstand ever since.


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Crafting a natural fragrance that expresses the essence of fresh gardenia was no small undertaking – it required a perfectly balanced blend of exotic oils from around the world. With pure floral extracts sourced from the cool mountain slopes of Haleakalā to the warm Tahitian tropics, the natural ingredients in Kiele are extracted in small batches and made just for us.


Apply Kiele to your pulse points (wrist area, behind the earlobes, inner elbows) throughout the day for an enveloping halo of soft floral fragrance.

Leah's absolute favorite way to enjoy Kiele? Apply to the palms of your hand and run them through your hair to carry the essence of gardenia with you from sunrise to sunset.


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