"RAPHA" oil cleanser: H is for Love
  • "RAPHA" oil cleanser: H is for Love
  • "RAPHA" oil cleanser: H is for Love

"RAPHA" oil cleanser: H is for Love


The RAPHA oil cleanser is a combination of oils and essential oils which, when blended in perfect measure, prepare your skin in the morning to wake and in the evening to slumber.

Its foundation infuses nutrient-rich oils with herbs complimented by antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and highly soothing essential oils, giving skin a pathway to health and framework for vitality.

As a nighttime cleanser, the scent of RAPHA is a delight, calming nerves and invoking a sense of peace.
For morning use it is spirited and uplifting.

RAPHA contains a CO2 extraction of German Chamomile which is known for its high levels of matricin. Highly anti-inflammatory, matricin is a powerful agent of healing

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* We source herbs and flowers from small farms whose crops are beautiful and fresh. Because of this, RAPHA’s color may vary from batch to batch.



- Massage a small amount of cleanser into damp skin,
- with a warm, damp cloth, steam face for a minimum of 10 seconds,
- gently wipe away remaining oil.


- Massage 4-6 pumps of cleanser into dry skin,
- allow the nutrient-rich herbal oils to fully dissolve makeup and debris,
- steam and remove as above,
- follow with a gentle exfoliant when necessary.

May also be massaged into dry skin and removed with a dry cloth if cleansing with water is not the preferred method.


Olive Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Castor Bean Oil*, Mixed Tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E), Chamomile*, Calendula*, Essential Oils Of: Roman Chamomile, Lemon*, German Chamomile CO2*, Frankincense*, Rosemary Antioxidant CO2*, Turmeric CO2*, Lavender*

*Certified organic

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