"UTSUWA" treatment bowl: H is for Love
  • "UTSUWA" treatment bowl: H is for Love

"UTSUWA" treatment bowl: H is for Love


Introducing the new H IS FOR LOVE treatment bowl: UTSUWA

Utsuwa means "vessel" or "container" in Japanese.

"The shape of a bowl resembles the form of clasping both hands together.
The basic expression of cherishing and receiving.
A beautiful shape that is humble delicate, and an expression of gratitude."
Utsuwa Katachi: Japanese Ceramics and Forms

Artisan made just for H with a simple brush stroke and gold drip; a nod to the original KINTSUGI design.

(KINTSUGI: the Japanese art of filling the cracks of mended pottery with gold lacquer).

We've taken the concept of "beauty found in the flaw" further so that each bowl is now hand built, demonstrating the value of objects that take time.

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