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"FOREST ALCHEMY" hydrosol: Gemstone Organic
  • "FOREST ALCHEMY" hydrosol: Gemstone Organic

"FOREST ALCHEMY" hydrosol: Gemstone Organic

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This Gem Juice is our very own special blend of hydrosols from native trees, enhanced with essential oil.

The leaves and trimmings are hand-picked from a spiral grove held on sacred land in Northern California. This hydrosol is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and energizing.

It is incredibly healing to the skin and is made from trees that carry ancient wisdom. This earth knowledge grounds us and reminds us of our own ancient divinity.


Forest Alchemy Gem Juice is designed for all skin types (except those sensitive to pine) and is especially great for combination skin, acne prone skin, cracked and peeling skin.


Energizing arbor scents for grounding and self-discovery.

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Spray Gem Juice hydrosols liberally on the face as a day and night beauty toner.

There are so many other uses too! What’s your favorite way to spray?


- facial toner/astringent
- aftershave for men and women
- use to set intention during meditation and ceremony
- energizing fragrance mist
- freshen pillows and linens
- purifying room spray
- aromatherapy and chakra balancing spray
- body mist/deodorant
- cleanse and deodorize yoga mats and other equipment
- and many more...

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