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"CLARY SAGE GEM JUICE" hydrosol: Gemstone Organic
  • "CLARY SAGE GEM JUICE" hydrosol: Gemstone Organic

"CLARY SAGE GEM JUICE" hydrosol: Gemstone Organic

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This Gem Juice is made from organic hydrosol of the clary sage plant’s flowering tops.

Clary sage contains medicines to balance hormonal skin and reduce symptoms such as overly oily skin, acne and irritated skin. It is anti-inflammatory and can also be used to ease hormonal related muscle spasms, headaches, etc.


Clary Sage Gem Juice is designed for hormonal skin and is especially great for oily skin, acne and blemish prone skin, irritated and inflamed skin.


Like a sweet cup of herbal grey tea to comfort you into optimism and euphoria.

This hydrosol is cleansing and comforting whether you are a wise, mature soul or still blossoming in your youth.

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Gem Juice come with crystals inside the bottle:

- 2oz are blessed with amethyst and clear crystal points
- 4oz with desert diamonds and rose quartz.


Spray Gem Juice hydrosols liberally on the face as a day and night beauty toner.

There are so many other uses too! What’s your favorite way to spray?


- relieve headaches and cramps
- gentle fragrance mist
- freshen pillows and linens
- purifying room spray
- aromatherapy and chakra balancing spray
- body mist/deodorant
- cleanse and deodorize yoga mats and other equipment
- and many more...

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