Calia is a small, independent beauty care company located on Canada's west coast that proposes a line of natural organic hair care, skin care and essential oils made without the use of modern chemicals.

Their desire is to give the best value for the highest grade products they can provide.

With so many of today's products containing a wide variety of synthetic and sometimes harmful ingredients, Calia have created a line of aromatherapy and personal care products that are as pure and as natural as possible, the way things used to be. The first few items they created, were fragrance-free, allowing the user to keep them as is, or to add the essential oils of their choice for therapeutic or simply personal fragrance. In time, they introduced several other items with essential oils already introduced into the product. This added not only a special, natural scent but gave them a slightly more defined effect on different hair types.

The result has been that they have created a very strong following of people that are nothing but amazed at how well something so simply natural can work so incredibly well.


Made in Canada


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