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We are a small-batch skin care company that creates vegan products with pure, all natural and organic ingredients. We develop all of our goods as if they were modern culinary dishes, from the sourcing of ingredients to the beautifully scented, healthful and efficacious final products.

As makers and purveyors, we hope to encourage small changes in the lives of our customers through the physical, emotional and ecological healthfulness of completely natural goods for the face and body.

With MMT, we hope to make that experience accessible and our process transparent.


All products are made with organic, unrefined plant oils and butters, steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils and organic and wild-crafted botanicals. We pride ourselves on being a vegan brand, and use no animal-derived ingredients.

Meow Meow Tweet is Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified.


A firm belief in taking care of the planet (as well as our skin and ourselves) means that Meow Meow Tweet is committed to using the least amount of plastic packaging. All goods are either hand wrapped in PCW paper or housed in glass containers. Each of the colorful labels features whimsical illustrations by one of our co-founders, Jeff.


We're super proud to be able to donate to organizations that we believe in and that align with our goals and values. We have donated or support these organizations with ongoing monthly donations. You can find the complete list of these organizations on the Meow Meow Tweet website but here are a few of them:

- The Breast Cancer Charities
- Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
- The Humane League
- Mid Hudson Animal Aid
- The Ocean Cleanup
- Orangutan Foundation International

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