Plants are the strongest anti-aging tools we have.

The purer and more unaltered the whole plant ingredient, the more powerful the results.

Laurel is a plant, flower and herb based facial car line. They source directly from their farmers.  Therefore the purity and integrity of their ingredients are what make the formulas so effective.  It is a common misconception that putting toxins on your face is actually good for your skin.

From the farm to the lab, the whole making process is done with love and care: from the season it takes to grow the plants, to the months the hands blends sit steeping, to the minutes they spend bottling a batch.

And you will feel that when you use the products.

The Laurel line is also about taking time to care for yourself.  Make your skin care routine something you take time to do for yourself and it will be that much more powerful.

Laurel promise to their customers is to never use parabens, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, GMOs, non-organically grown plants, or any toxic chemical of any kind.


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