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A small seed of creativity, passion and unfortunately a lot of frustration was planted in me in late 2014 to build my own shampoo and conditioner. Unable to find natural hair products that were in fact natural and effective, I was determined to create my own. A product that is completely natural, healing, nutrient dense without sacrificing the lather and luxurious feel that commercial shampoos and conditioners have (without the scary chemicals) is the ultimate, right?

I looked to our native American ancestors for guidance and studied their original use of herbs, oils and rituals for hair care. I started from the beginning. I stripped down our current "formulas" and built it back up with ayurvedic and native American herbs, plants, fruits,... After months and months of working and reworking it, I was led me to my first collection: warrior shampoo, revive conditioner + luna love conditioner. It became a line of products I made solely for my family and friends.

Soon after, it became more than just a passion project and it needed a name. UNDER LUNA was born and shortly after another seed was planted, this time in the form of a baby girl who fittingly is named Luna, the creator, inspiration and planter of the original seed.

I thank you for trusting me in these products that I know are sacred for most. As a mother and woman these are the ingredients I hand picked because they are authentic, effective and transformative. All products are handcrafted start to finish with our herbal extracts made in house so it goes without saying there is a love of love and care are being poured into each bottle.

From luna and I, I hope you love our creations as much as we do!


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