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The Bulgarian Rose (a.k.a. Bulgarian Rosa Damascena) is more than a beautiful flower. It is the richest in flavonoids herb. Science has proven that free radicals cause skin and body aging, mental decline, heart disease and even cancer through a process known as oxidative stress. The polyphenols (flavonoids and phenolic acids) in the Bulgarian Rose are potent antioxidants that prevent free-radical cell damage. The anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidative effects of flavonoids explain the plethora of health benefits of the Bulgarian Rose. More than 170 studies conducted on Bulgarian Rosa Damascena testify to its positive effects on skin health, mood (alleviating anxiety and depression), mental health (Alzheimer’s and dementia), heart health, anti-aging and longevity.

In late spring, during only three weeks per year, we handpick your organic Roses in our Rose farms in Bulgaria. We handpick them at dawn, before the sun rises and while the petals have the highest concentration of essential oils. Through a unique process, we immediately extract the nutrients from the fresh petals to preserve their richness and quality. We transport the Rose extract and the Rose oil via air to our facilities in California, where we handcraft in small batches your Rose Nectar: a proprietary blend of Bulgarian Rose extract and essential Rose oil. The result is the only ingestible Rose product with the full gamut of the Bulgarian Rose nutrients and a distinguished, pure taste and aroma. We then pour it in amber glass bottles to protect against the effects of light, so you can enjoy the most pristine Rose product in the world. We called it Nectar, “the drink of the Gods” because of its potent anti-aging properties.

Born in Bulgaria. Made with Love in California.

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