The essential thought at Naturaw is that the most potent natural form is the unchanged, raw form. We believe natural skincare quality should be measured like food: the less treated the veggie, the more nutritional it is. Going for the raw form of the ingredients means that enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and all innate benefits remain genuine. Using entirely natural products means our skin is not manipulated with synthetics and sometimes harmful chemicals.

With this in mind, we blend highest-class raw and food-grade natural ingredients, having organic certification, and only when such is not available, as little corrected as possible (vitamin E). Moreover, we do not use water or other fillers and additives, so Naturaw’s products are notable nourishing and undiluted. Our products are also cruelty-free and vegan.

Using eco-friendly and recyclable materials is a top priority for us: we stay the furthest away from plastic containers as they end up in the oceans. Their chemicals might further get into the products and then, into your skin. Therefore we only use eco-friendly packaging: premium recyclable biophotonic glass that preserves the ingredients’ potency for longer and also boxes made of 100% recycled pulp and paper.

Regarding the team: Vesela (founder) is based in sunny Sofia, Bulgaria and Robin (co-founder) is from beautiful Munich, Germany. We created an interesting blend of a German-Bulgarian brand and it feels amazing to have both minds with different ideas together! Bulgaria has the perfect climate for growing potent botanicals and also has a long history in creating natural skincare, and Germany is a great country for innovative ideas and high quality execution!

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