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In beauty, experience always has the edge. RMS Beauty founder and renowned makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift, brings 36 years of industry experience, passion, wisdom and skill to her craft. Rose-Marie has mastered the art of clean, high-performing makeup so you can fearlessly master your own flawless looks.

Our mission to create healthy luxurious beauty means we only use the highest-quality clean ingredients, meticulously sourced and tested for complete purity. Each product in our collection strikes the perfect balance of superior clean formulations with professional, high-performance.

« As a makeup artist for over 35 years in the beauty industry, I saw what worked and what didn’t live up to promises. I have seen the results of a quick-fix approach to looking good and its consequences, and I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. I realized there is a need for cosmetics that are as pure as possible, products that create a solid foundation for long-term beauty. I have carried this philosophy through into every formula, every shade, every single RMS Beauty product. You deserve the best. We’re setting the standard ».

Clean since 2009 and proud of it!

Rose-Marie Swift, January 2009

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