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Inner Senses began with our curiosity to source nature’s finest ingredients together with a passion to share. We embrace the simple things and value nature and everything that it has to offer.

Many brands today echo provenance. Our provenance started over 20 years ago on the white shores of Barbados, where we lived closely with nature, attending the Jasmine plants and Aloe Vera that grew on the farm. Much more than pure provenance, we are an accumulation of evidential and clinical expertise.

Our techniques harness the therapeutic nature of the oils and shares their positive values, ensuring that they remain pure, natural and free from artificial additives.

This is why we live for the journey of our ingredients. We want that journey to be part of your experience, from those first Jasmine flowers we hand-picked over 20 years ago, to personally sourcing the most innovative and ethical ingredients.

Our cruelty free products combine our ethos and our energies. All of our plant based products are personally hand blended. We reach back and honor those precious apothecary traditions, combining knowledge and passion with a holistic approach to your personal wellbeing.

Whether you’re searching for pure, gentle oils for your beautiful new baby’s skin, or looking to nourish, tone and revitalise your complexion, we are here for you.

These are Inner Senses’ unique qualities.

INNER SENSES are members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (#154).
This gives our customers a guarantee of our product purity and quality.

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