As a native of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, I had a plethora of incredible botanicals at my fingertips. And thanks to expertise inherited from my mother and grandmother, I learned how to use them to mix my own beauty potions. My skin never had issues, and I loved pampering myself. There’s something so serene about taking that secret escape to enjoy the solitude of you and your skin.

When I moved to the United States, my soothing rituals were edged out by a busier life and career. As a result, my skin became very sensitive, problematic and acne-prone. I tried every solution I could get my hands on, from prescription to store-bought, but nothing worked. I felt so insecure and vulnerable that I wouldn’t leave the house without hiding my skin under a mask of makeup.

However, it was during a bare, emotionally connected moment that I found my inspiration: my honeymoon to Kauai in 2009. The natural beauty of the island reminded me of home, and it was there that I discovered a small handmade soap store. It’s simple yet luxurious offerings awakened memories of the past, and of the intimate joy of healing your skin from the inside out.

Suddenly, I was brought back to where I came from. So I went home and reignited my passion for mixing my own skincare formulas using unique, potent ingredients sent from family in Thailand: ingredients not available anywhere else.

I now understand the importance of preserving these treasured recipes, and making time to connect with your body and soul through beauty. It rejuvenates, inspires and empowers, creating an exceptional glow that radiates throughout.

I cherish the traditions my ancestors have passed down to me: and now, I cherish the opportunity to pass them along to you with Siam Seas skincare.

Supadra Geronimo, Founder

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