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Welcome to So Natural Beauty

Some people love to eat a delicious dinner in a gastronomic restaurant…
Some people love to taste Gran Cru of the best wines…
Some people love to have the last fashionable clothes…

As for me my guilty pleasure is to spend some ME time in my bathroom and take care of my skin with my natural and efficient skincare products.

And I want this moment to be just perfect: a chic packaging, creams balms and oils with a beautiful color, a creamy texture and a delicious scent!

Before each application I always love to deeply breath and smell the perfume of plants, flowers and essentials oils… This step is essential to soothe my mind and receive all the benefits of the treatments. All the products proposed here is a selection of products that we have personally tested and approved!

Another important point for us is to collaborate with small business: we love to exchange with the founders and their estheticians. They are passionated by their creations, they take the time to chat with you, to give you training sessions,… which also means that it’s important for them that our customers use their products in the best way.

We hope that you will love our brands and products selection!

It’s time to switch our vision of the beauty rituals.

Take care of your skin with the power of Mother Nature, not chemicals! .

Enjoy! - Letizia



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