'ili hawaiian coffee scrub: Ginger

'ili hawaiian coffee scrub: Ginger

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This Hawaiian ginger coffee scrub has over 40 antioxidant compounds, which not only tones and brightens your skin, it also removes toxins and stimulates circulation throughout your body.

The scent of fragrant ginger is intoxicating, motivating and can give you the power to start your day or invigorate your night out.

Why you should regularly use a Ginger coffee scrub?

With over a trillion skin cells needing attention exfoliation is key.

Not only will you shed cells that are tired and expired, but you’ll also help encourage cell rejuvenation.


The anti-inflammatory properties in coffee treat redness in the skin, reduce the appearance of under eye circles, leaving you with a beautiful even skin tone.

Watch small varicose veins decrease; caffeine is a vaso-restrictor, so helps shrink pesky blood vessels.


Ginger helps to clean and rid skin of blemishes by clearing acne-causing bacteria.

Ginger is known to also reduce hypo-pigmented skin from scars and stretch marks and helps prevent damage from free radicals while improving beautiful skin elasticity.

How to use it

- Use Ili all over: from your nose to your toes on a dry or slightly wet body, using pressure and circular motions (Ili works best on damp skin),
- insist in areas that need it most and allow the coffee to be on your skin for at least five minutes,
- you may continue to scrub during this time to further encourage circulation (no worries about the coffee color on your skin as it will rinse away),
- rinse and repeat every few days.

We recommend a patch test for those who have highly sensitive skin.

For pregnant mamas, it’s always best to consult with your health care practitioner before introducing new products into your self-care ritual.