'ili hawaiian coffee scrub: Ylang Ylang

'ili hawaiian coffee scrub: Ylang Ylang

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Help yourself unwind with the sweet smelling, stress reducing properties of Ylang Ylang.

Made from the flowers of Cananga Odorata native to the Philippines and Indonesia, this Ylang Ylang coffee scrub works to gently exfoliate and brighten skin while administering antibacterial and stress relieving properties.

Why you should regularly use a Ylang Ylang coffee scrub?

With over a trillion skin cells needing attention exfoliation is key.

Not only will you shed cells that are tired and expired, but you’ll also help encourage cell rejuvenation.


The anti-inflammatory properties in coffee treat redness in the skin, reduce the appearance of under eye circles, leaving you with a beautiful even skin tone.

Watch small varicose veins decrease; caffeine is a vaso-restrictor, so helps shrink pesky blood vessels.

Ylang Ylang

Known throughout the fragrance industry for its sweet and soothing aroma, Ylang Ylang is also said to offer a range of health and relaxation benefits.

It’s been known to help promote relaxation and stress relief, and decrease blood pressure.

Ylang Ylang when used in skin care products also works to balance out the sebum (natural oils of the skin), making it beneficial for treating acne suffers with oily or dry skin.

Did we also mention it’s long been known to help enhance secretion by the sebaceous glands to protect your skin from drying out, so maintaining skin moisture.

How to use it

- Use Ili all over: from your nose to your toes on a dry or slightly wet body, using pressure and circular motions (Ili works best on damp skin),
- insist in areas that need it most and allow the coffee to be on your skin for at least five minutes,
- you may continue to scrub during this time to further encourage circulation (no worries about the coffee color on your skin as it will rinse away),
- rinse and repeat every few days.

We recommend a patch test for those who have highly sensitive skin.

For pregnant mamas, it’s always best to consult with your health care practitioner before introducing new products into your self-care ritual.